Time Booster Incentives

We are incredibly excited to announce the official launch of our Time Booster Incentives. Effective 9th September 2020, all MULA Mate nationwide will be automatically registered to this program. Time Booster Incentives structure will be updated weekly at our driver lounge.


The Time Booster Incentives guarantees minimum earning during peak hours, and far pickups will be compensated accordingly. Each hour will have different Time Booster rates according to the traffic and demand (estimated pick-up minutes + estimated trip minutes) for each completed trip.

Our system estimates your trip with traffic in consideration, if your earning per driving minute falls below the Time Booster level, a bonus will be added to boost your nett earning up to the amount that differ by the time of the day.


A driver completed a job that bonus fall on MW hour which boost his nett earnings up to the guaranteed RM0.60 per minute.

Important Note:
1. Your bonus will be shown on job card and in-transit screen for the final pay-out of each ride.
2. The bonus will be paid instantly to your CASH wallet after each completed trip.
3. The bonus amount shown is calculated upfront based on system estimated pickup and trip time and is not subject to change during or after the trip.
4. The Time Booster Incentives differ by time of the day and service type, you can check the following link every Sunday night for new updated schedule.

You may refer below for the Time Booster Bonus amount based on each state/city.

Incentives Period : 2 Nov – 8 Nov 2020
Penang Kedah
Perak Klang Valley
Malacca Seremban
Johor Bahru