MULA Mate Requirements

If you have your own car, be a MULA Mate and drive with us on our newly launched mobile app that efficiently matches drivers to nearby riders that need a ride. Application is now open for PENANG, PERAK, KLANG VALLEY, NEGERI SEMBILAN, MALACCA and JOHOR.

Your Individual Requirements

  1. Malaysian Citizen (Blue IC) above 21 years old.
  2. Full Malaysian Driving License (P License is not accepted)
  3. Min 2 years of Driving License / Experience
  4. Able to communicate in English and Bahasa Malaysia
  5. Medical check-up (above 50 years old) and / or has an existing medical condition that may cause him/her to be unfit to drive. Health check can be performed at our dedicated panel doctors.
  6. Must use own personal Bank Account created under Driver NRIC

Clean Background history

  1. No Criminal Record
  2. Not more than 3 traffic summonses in recent one year (Including speeding, hit and run, dangerous driving and etc)

Your Vehicle’s Requirements

  1. Displacement(cc): Min 1.3 litre, Sedan, SUV, MPV (pickup truck / 4×4 not accepted)
  2. Car seater: 4-10-seater
  3. Car age: manufactured in 2012 and above)
  4. Valid vehicle insurance

**View eligible car list here.

Insurance Requirements

1. Insurance Cover note must contain name of the applicant.

2. These Documents should contain the details of ;

  • Insured name ( Driver full name)
  • Car model & Plate number
  • Year of manufacture
  • Period of coverage (Expiry Date)

3. Cover Note stated All/Any Drivers is not accepted.

  • IF it states All/Any Driver, kindly provide us either one of the documents required below that state your Full Name as per NRIC is one of the Insured Drivers. Handwritten letters are NOT allowed.

a) Endorsement from Insurance company

b) Authorization Letter from Vehicle owner (Signed)

c) Authorization Letter from Company (Company chop & signed)

d) Rental Agreement (Company chop & signed)

Requirements to maintain as a MULA Mate driver

– Maintaining a weekly Acceptance rate of: 85%
– Maintaining a weekly Driver Rating of above: 4.75
– Cancellation rate is maintained below:15%

** All decisions made by MULA Management Team is final

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