MULA Driver Wallet Top Up


  1. After updating to latest version, all drivers will have to re-enter the following withdrawal bank account information again:

Driver Name:
Bank Name:
Bank Account Number:

  1. For existing drivers, bank account information must be exactly the same as the current withdrawal bank account.
  2. Please make sure the information is correct before submit.

Driver’s Wallet Top Up:

  1. Mula Mates & Mula drivers can now top up the driver wallet through ATM/CDM.
  2. There is NO admin fee for top up through the ATM/CDM.
  3. Minimum top up per transaction is RM 10.00
  4. Maximum wallet size at all times is RM1500
  5. Mula Mate have to maintain a minimum of RM10.00 credit balance inside the wallet to be able to continue to receive jobs orders.
  6. Drivers are able to top up any day of the week (advisable 10am -10pm)

Help & Feedback

You can find the Top Up Guideline inside the Mula Driver App by clicking the “Help” button at the Top Up page:

If you face any problem with top up, you can report it to Mobile Money by clicking the “feedback” button at the bottom of Top Up Instruction page.

Driver Wallet Withdrawal

  1. Withdrawal from driver wallet to bank account takes 3-5 working days.
  2. Withdrawal amount below RM50 will be charged RM1 transaction fee.
  3. Minimum withdrawal amount for Mula Mate is RM10.
  4. Mula Mates can withdraw any day of the week.


1. What should I do if I submit the wrong top up information?
The driver wallet will not be updated, you will have to resubmit the correct top up information again.

2. New driver’s credit wallet
MULA Driver account now will be featuring into 2 (two) wallets, DRIVER CREDIT WALLET & CASH WALLET. Click here for more information: