What is MULA Mate

By being a MULA MATE, you have the flexibility to drive anytime, anywhere you want. Not only that, you are also automatically on board as a delivery team to our MULA Parcel and MULA Eats service. Just register and log on to the MULA Driver app, you and your vehicle will turn up on our system, allowing nearby orders to be easily connected to you. Be a MULA Mate today, be your own boss, earn extra, full time or part time.

Drive With MULA In 3 SIMPLE Steps

Step 1 - Fill Up The Form

Complete the MULA Mate
application form.

Step 2 – Top Up Wallet

Top up your driver wallet
It’s Easy!

Step 3 - Start Driving

Start Driving and Earn
Anytime. Anywhere!

Why Drive With MULA?

Earn Extra

MULA car allow our drivers to earn additional income during their free times

Flexible Hours

Choose when and where you want to work with ease with MULA

Meet People

Get to know more people of various background when you drive a MULA car.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Where is MULA Mate available?

    MULA Mate currently only covers Penang, Klang Valley, Perak, Melacca, Negeri Sembilan and Johor area. We will be expanding our coverage to others cities in future.

  • What is the individual criteria for becoming a MULA Mate?

    1. Malaysian Citizen (Blue & Red IC) above 21 years old.
    2. Full Malaysian Driving License (P License is not accepted)
    3. Min 2 years of Driving License / Experience
    4. Valid PSV or PSV Passed Certification
    5. Must use own personal Bank Account created under Driver NRIC
  • What is the vehicle's requirement for the MULA Mate?

    1. Displacement(cc): Min 1.0 litre, Sedan, SUV, MPV (pickup truck / 4×4 not accepted)
    2. Car seater: 4-10-seater
    3. Car age: 10 years or newer (manufactured in 2010 and above)
    4. Valid vehicle insurance with ehailing addon.
    5. Puspakom Certification required for vehicles:
      CKD (Made & Assembled in Malaysia): Above 3 years from registration date
      CBU (Fully Imported Cars): Above 3 years from manufactured date

    **View eligible car list here.

  • Insurance Requirements

    1.Insurance Cover note must contain name of applicant.

    2.These Documents should contain the details of ;

    • Insured name ( Driver full name)
    • Car model & Plate number
    • Year of manufacture
    • Period of coverage (Expiry Date)
    • Ehailing addon

    3.Cover Note stated All/Any Drivers is not accepted.

    • IF it states All/Any Driver, kindly provide us either one of the documents required below that state your Full Name as per NRIC is one of the Insured Drivers. Handwritten letters are NOT allowed.

    a) Endorsement from Insurance company

    b) Authorization Letter from Vehicle owner (Signed)

  • Where can I find more information about MULA Mate?

    Please go to MULA Driver Lounge page for a complete list of information on MULA Mate.

  • I have more questions, how do i get contact MULA Car?

    You can contact us via our Driver Recruitment Support Hotline (8am-9pm, Mon-Sat)

    Hotline: 03-7661 6262

    Or email us at:


  • Perkeso Contribution in compulsory **NEW**

    The government has made compulsory the contributions to the Private Employment Social Security Act 2017 under the Social Security Organization (Socso) from 1 November 2018. You are advised to visit the Socso website for more information and the nearest branch. You only need to bring a valid Identity Card, Driving License and E-Hailing Application when registering.

  • Do I earn extra if accepting job during midnight?

    MULA Mate will earn an additional 30% for MULA Car orders that accepted from 00:00-06:00 hours.

Existing Driver?

Find out more about MULA Mate benefits, incentives, and related information at the MULA Driver Lounge