What is MULA Crew

A new source of income for riders joining as MULA Crew. Worry no more on the registration and permit, because it will be FREE! Register as MULA Crew and you are automatically eligible to be MULA Parcel and MULA Eats rider. Decide when to online and connect with both MULA Parcel and MULA Eats job opportunity via MULA app.

Deliver Food

MULA Eats rider will get a fixed rate for each completed order. The rider has the choice to work part time or full time. The more you deliver, the more you earn.

Deliver Parcel

MULA Parcel specialises on instant delivery. Delivery items can be parcels, documents, personal items to fulfill user’s delivery needs. Be your own boss today and get 90% as MULA Parcel crew.

Deliver With MULA In 3 SIMPLE Steps

Step 1 - Fill Up The Form

Complete the MULA Crew
application form.

Step 2 – Top Up Wallet

Top up your driver wallet
It’s Easy!

Step 3 - Start Driving

Start Driving and Earn
Anytime. Anywhere!

Why Deliver With MULA?

Earn Extra

MULA Parcel allow our drivers to earn additional income during their free times

Flexible Hours

Choose when and where you want to work with ease with MULA

Meet People

Get to know more people of various background when you drive with MULA.

Frequently Asked Question

What is MULA Crew?

MULA Crew is our delivery fleet utilizing MULA apps to accept and execute the delivery task for parcel and food.

For more information about MULA Parcel, please go to https://mula2u.com/mula-parcel/ and MULA Eats, please go to https://mula2u.com/mula-eats/

How can I register as MULA Crew?

Do I need to have permit such as PSV to be a MULA Crew?

MULA Crew does not require PSV or any other permits.

Can I register as MULA Crew if I do not have car?

We do have Bike Crew and Car Crew. Just register your motorbike and become our Bike Crew via http://mulamate.com/MulaParcel/index

Can I online and work in midnight?

The apps support 24 hours service, depends on the market demand. However, for MULA Eats delivery, it will be based on the operating hours of our merchants.

Do I earn extra if accepting job during midnight?

MULA Crew will earn an additional 30% for MULA Parcel orders that accepted from 00:00-06:00 hours.

Do I need to online on certain peak hour which fixed by MULA?

MULA Parcel offering a totally freedom platform for MULA Crew, just online whenever you are available or wish to.

Do I need to pay any registration fee?

All the registration and training is free.

Do I need a delivery bag as MULA Crew?

MULA Crew is encouraged to purchase and utilize the MULA Delivery Bag for safety and convenience purpose.

Will there be any incentives program for MULA Crew?

We will have incentives program from time to time, do check back our website and notification in MULA Driver app.