Are you a lady? Travelling alone? It’s getting late and you are unfamiliar with the destination?

Worry not! We at MULA understand your situations well. We want our female customers to feel safe and confident when they travel with MULA.

MULA Pink is a “female only” service for all our female customers. This dedicated service is only available to female customers where they have an option to choose only lady MULA drivers to send them to their destination.

Get on a MULA Pink today!

SOS Button

MULA has launched an SOS button in its app which allows riders or drivers to get SOS backup in any emergency situation.

MULA has partnered up with a service provider specializing in SOS Crime prevention (Fast Lane) , which operates nationwide. There will be a team on standby, 24/7 nationwide to respond to any emergency and contact PDRM on behalf, in case of any emergency.

During panic situation, passengers can press the SOS button. This will alert the nation-wide SOS call center which can see exactly the current GPS location, and in return will call the passenger for further verification or to check if any assistance is required. If the passenger is not able to answer the call, the nearest response team will be dispatched to the GPS location immediately and the authorities (PDRM) will be alerted with the GPS location.

CAR Safety Features

We ensure all MULA cars are in excellent conditions and to ensure that our passengers feel safe and comfortable, we have the below features in all our MULA cars:
• Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) installed
• GPS device in all MULA cars – full time vehicle GPS positioning feature
• Tinted films for your comfort
• SOS features for drivers and passengers
• Scheduled vehicle tracking for all our cars
• Compulsory service tracking