Frequently Asked Question

  • 1. What Is MULA?

    MULA is a smart phone based car booking app for ride sharing services in Malaysia, to ease your transportation needs.

  • 2. I am interested to be a MULA driver.

    Please go to Drive with MULA  for online application.

  • 3. What is the payment method if I am using MULA Services?

    Currently we only accept cash, we will accept Credit Card and MULA Pay in future.

  • 4. What is the types of services available from MULA

    We have Book Now, PreBook and Chartered services.

  • 5. Where can I get MULA Car services?

    MULA Car is currently available in Penang, Klang Valley, and Johor.

  • 6. I have more questions, how do i get contact MULA Car?

    You can contact us via our Contact Us page, Facebook, Hotline (04-313 9060 9am-6pm), or email us at

  • 7. Where is MULA Car office?

    Our Office Address:
    No. 956 Jalan Bagan Ajam,
    Residensi Zamrud, 13050 Butterworth,
    Penang, Malaysia.

  • 8. What is the operation hours for MULA Office?

    9-6pm (Weekday)

  • 9. What is the operation hours for MULA Car services

    24 hrs

  • 10. Can I call customer service for booking

    You are encouraged to use our App.

  • 11. How do I get MULA App?

    You may download our app from Google Playstore or App Store

  • 12. What is the fare rate charges?

    Please refer to the details in App or from Services & Rates page.

  • 13. What are the car type available?

    We have 3 types of car (Basic, Premium, 6 Seaters, MPV) at this moment.

  • 14. What if I can’t find any driver available?

    You can contact us via Hotline (04-313 9060 9am-6pm).

  • 15. What if I didn’t received any call from driver once my order is accepted?

    Please contact our driver via the phone number displayed as our driver might be not able to reach you.

  • 16. Can I stop by along my ride?

    You are not encourage to do so. However, you are still able to do so as our fare rate will be based on km + time.

  • 17. How do MULA calculate the fare?

    The fare calculation is based on minutes plus kilometres.

  • 18. Can I placed order after midnight?

    Yes, however 30% surcharged will be imposed.

  • 19. What if my flight delay causing the delay to my prebook order?

    You are encourage to cancel the prebook order and rebook again.

  • 20. What is the minimum hours for chartered service?

    2 hours.

  • 21. What if I would like to extend my chartered service hour?

    You may refer to MULA app for the fare charges.

  • 22. Can i prebook for someone else?

    Yes, we do have book on behalf service where you can key in the rider’s name and contact number.

  • 23. What if i want to book for more than one trip?

    For Prebook & Chartered, you able to book more than one trip but with different date & time.

  • 24. Is it safe to ride with MULA?

    Yes, as our drivers are well trained. Our cars are equipped with GPS, TPMS. Our App is equipped with SOS button.

  • 25. What is MULA Pink?

    Mula Pink is a safety feature developed for female users. Female passangers can request specially for female drivers.

  • 26. Where is MULA available?

    MULA currently only covers Penang, Klang Valley and Johor area. We will be expanding our coverage to others cities in future.

  • 27. Can i cancel my booking?

    Yes. However, if you cancel your booking after 5 minutes of driver confirmation, a penalty of RM5 will be imposed.

  • 28. What is MULA Basic, MULA Premium and MULA Luxury MPVs

    This the car types category which consists of different car types with different fare prices.

  • 29. How do i report an incident?

    You may contact us via our customer service phone number or email